hypanis.ru Taryn's Esthetician Services


$950 – This includes BOTH the initial service and the perfecting follow-up session. Please note a $250.00 deposit is required to secure this service. See the Microblading page for a full description.


Expert Brow Shaping

With Taryn’s expert brow shaping technique, you’re sure to leave with gorgeous brows in just 20 minutes.

Expert Brow Shaping: $50
Brow Tinting: $25
Expert Brow Shaping + Tinting: $65


Facial Waxing

Lip: $12
Side burns: $25
Chin: $25
Forehead: $20
Cheeks: $15
Full face (excluding brows): $55


Body Waxing

Taryn Brows is now offering body wax services at our New York 5th avenue location! Give us a call or book online to set up your appointment with our expert Brazilian and body wax specialist Sky Yon.

Brazilian:  $80.00
Underarm:  $25.00
Brazilian and Underarm: $100.00
Full Bikini: $60.00

How can I prepare for a visit?
  • Like all artist, it’s easier to create a masterpiece with a blank canvas. Be sure to have at least 3-4 weeks since the last time you tweezed or waxed your brows. If you don’t have time to let them grow out, that’s ok. Keep in mind that beautiful brows can be a process; what takes only a few minutes to take off can be months of hard work and regrowth.
  • Taryn’s technique uses a combination of waxing and tweezing. Most clients find that with the use of the specially formulated facial wax, they have little to no reaction post visit. For clients who are using retin A or antibiotics, only tweezing is recommended.