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Tips from Taryn

My Brows Won’t Grow…HELP!

Breath. It will be ok. First thing I ask a new client who says their brows won’t grow is “how long have you been growing them out???” This is a big indicator to me what state your brows are in, how fast or slow they grow and are they really “not growing”. First things first, your brows should be left untouched at least 6 weeks in order for them to outgrow your former shape. While you will feel they are terrible, it’s quite necessary to see what can actually grow. Too often clients tell me before I start the session that “this is all there is” and that “they don’t grow past this”. Well my dear, I’m here to tell you that 90% of the time…you are wrong. In reality, the longest most clients have gone without touching their brows is 4 weeks (FYI 4 weeks is actually the point that they are just getting ready to grow back). Those precious little hairs that are finding their way to the surface after being yanked out for so long never really have a chance if you don’t give it time. For this reason, I ask clients to go 6-8 weeks of wait time. The same clients who tell me their brows simply “don’t grow”, soon after are saying “I never knew my brows could be this full.” Try your best to be patient, and hide those tweezers!!!

A Note on Skincare Products

Are you using any skincare products containing retina or perhaps using antibiotics? It’s important to let your esthetician know this before waxing as both products mentioned may likely thin out the skin and cause an adverse reaction to wax. In this case it is best to tweeze only as a safety precaution. What you should know: Taryn brows uses a wax that is specifically for facial hair. Wax type is extremely important in preventing any unnecessary pulling or burning that may happen when using more abrasive waxes such as honey wax. To further protect your skin your brows and the skin closely surrounding them will be coated with a thin layer of pre-wax balm. This method is an excellent and effective way to prevent any additional pulling as well. It allows for the wax to do the job of pulling the hair and less of the skin.

Castor Oil Myth

I’m often asked about products that help the brows grow back in and I say the same thing every time: castor oil. Not only is it cost effective, but it really works too! Amongst all of its amazing benefits, castor oil is a stimulant to the hair follicle. No, it won’t grow in brows that were never there, but if you are a victim of over tweezed brows then grab yourself some pure castor oil (any brand) and apply nightly. If you have acne prone skin and worried about applying oil on your face, test a small amount by your jaw line to see how your skin receives it.

Running Scared?

Are you scared to wax due to a bad experience or maybe even multiple experiences. Well have no fear. Like most, I myself have had a bad wax or 2 in the past but keep in mind neither all wax, nor technique, nor technician are the same. The kind of wax your Esthetician is applying can make a world of a difference. At Taryn Brows, your skin is prepped with a pre-wax balm, which acts as a barrier between your skin and allows the wax to adhere more to the hair and not your skin. Wax temperature and pull technique are also things to consider. If your Esthetician isn’t taking these things into account, chances are you’re risking abrasion and possible burns.
If you are a client who is being treated with antibiotics for an existing illness or are on any skin thinning medications such as Accutane, retin A, or any sort of peel, tweezing only is recommended.

Preparing for Brow Shaping

If you are in search of a completely new brow shape, be sure to let your brows grow for at least four weeks before making an appointment. This process had been described as a gruesome one, but if the goal is to reshape and transform your eyebrows it’s better to have as much as a clean slate as possible. This process is a necessary one In order to see what the problem areas are and determining what stage your brows are in. If your goal is to have your brows properly re-shaped and not just cleaning up your former shape, I can’t stress how important this step is.