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How can I prepare for a visit?

Like all artist, it’s easier to create a masterpiece with a blank canvas. Be sure to have at least 3-4 weeks since the last time you tweezed or waxed your brows. If you don’t have time to let them grow out, that’s ok. Keep in mind that beautiful brows can be a process; what takes only a few minutes to take off can be months of hard work and regrowth.

Taryn’s technique uses a combination of waxing and tweezing. Most clients find that with the use of the specially formulated facial wax, they have little to no reaction post visit. For clients who are using retin A or antibiotics, only tweezing is recommended.

What hair removal technique is used?

At Taryn Brows, a combination of waxing and tweezing is used for hair removal. Clients that are on certain skin-related medication should opt for tweezing only.

What is Tinting and how long does it last?

Tinting is the temporary dying of the eyebrow hair and skin within the brow. When done correctly, tinting gives the brows a filled in appearance. The tint Taryn Brows uses is vegetable based and all natural but the developer to assure that it actual stains is NOT all natural. Tinting is similar to hair dye but what we use is specifically for hair and lashes.

I’ve heard waxing is bad for you. Is this true?

No. Waxing done by an untrained technician is the problem. At Taryn Brows we only use a super sensitive face wax. Many who never thought they could use wax due to the sensitivity of their skin have found that they do great with our wax and have no skin irritations post service.

I just had my brows waxed/threaded at another salon 2 weeks ago. Is it too soon to come in for a new shape at Taryn Brows?

Yes. We ask clients to allow their brows to grow out at least 6 weeks when coming in for the first time. This allows the Brow Artist to see the condition of your brows and discuss what shape and brow goals we have for your brows.