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Breath. It will be ok. First thing I ask a new client who says their brows won’t grow is “how long have you been growing them out???” This is a big indicator to me what state your brows are in, how fast or slow they grow and are they really “not growing”. First things first, your brows should be left untouched at least 6 weeks in order for them to outgrow your former shape. While you will feel they are terrible, it’s quite necessary to see what can actually grow. Too often clients tell me before I start the session that “this is all there is” and that “they don’t grow past this”. Well my dear, I’m here to tell you that 90% of the time…you are wrong. In reality, the longest most clients have gone without touching their brows is 4 weeks (FYI 4 weeks is actually the point that they are just getting ready to grow back). Those precious little hairs that are finding their way to the surface after being yanked out for so long never really have a chance if you don’t give it time. For this reason, I ask clients to go 6-8 weeks of wait time. The same clients who tell me their brows simply “don’t grow”, soon after are saying “I never knew my brows could be this full.” Try your best to be patient, and hide those tweezers!!!