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Can you say precise?! This is the tweezer that Taryn and her team use to perfect brows in the salon. Now, you can have them at home!

With a stainless steel tip and a grab that won’t let you down, we’re positive this will be your new favorite tweezer! While we do not encourage over-tweezing your brows, we are all for taking care of those pesky fast to grow hairs in between visits.

To use: Be sure to grab desired hair from the root and pull slowly. This will ensure that the hair is grabbed from the bulb and won’t break the hair.

Pro tip: We love to apply witch hazel or another toner of your choice to close the pores after hair removal.

Essential 7

Essential 7 is a hair regenerating oil designed to promote healthy hair regrowth in damaged hair follicles. Our castor oil blend is infused with other organically sourced essential oils that promotes circulation, balance oil glands and increase the amount of hair follicles and follicle depth.

To use: Apply once daily at night.

Duo Angled Brush

Taryn’s angled brush is like no other! Its super precise tip will provide that clean line you’ve been looking for!

To use: Tap brush on both sides into your brow powder and line brow underneath. Sweep up from your defined line to fill in sparse areas. Apply more powder in areas as needed. Use spoolie side to blend powder and soften the line.

Pro tip: Apply highlighter and highlight blend brush after you’ve filled your brows to give a super perfect brow. Lastly set with the Taryn’s Brow gel.

Highlight Blend Brush

A perfect pair to your Highlighter! Taryn’s highlight blend brush provides the extra punch to your highlight.

To use: Simply apply your brow Highlighter or concealer of your choice and use the blend brush Ian a sweeping motion underneath your brow line.