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Get Laid


Are you ready to Get Laid? Our all new eyebrow sealant will stretch your hairs, hold them and lift them giving you the ultimate feather whispy brow.

Brows look immediately fuller, fluffier and lifted after just using a little of our get laid.

How to apply:
Step 1. Brush your brows up and out (think 45 degree angle)
Step 2. Use your finger to scoop out a tiny bit and apply across your brows.
Step 3. Use the compact brush (sold together) to brush up and out in that same 45 degree angle.
* for ultra curly brows or downward growing brows, add more product as necessary



Pro tip: If filling in your brows, be sure to fill in before you apply Get Laid. After applying get laid I love to highlight the brows using the highlighter for your skin tone (sand or caramel) and then blend with our highlight blend brush.